Usage Rights and Donations

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We're always accepting donations. Keeping the lights on this place isn't free so we're hoping you can help us keep them on :)

Photo Usage Rights:

If you would like to use a photo for anything other than social media, please contact with what the photo will be used for and for how long. Many of the images are of resisters that are personally known and may need to be reached out to for permission and or compensation.

Social Media: As off July 8th, 2019, all photo on Rogue Photo are by David Moriya. Social media use is freely available and can be used in any one time web promotion without written consent. Please credit @davidmoriya and @roguephotousa

Print: Must have written consent for images used by David Moriya or another Rogue Photographer to use images in any type of print form. Whether that be internal use, fundraising, or marketing purposes.

Website/homepage/Marketing: Written consent via e-mail and an agree upon fee will have to be established before use of the requested photos.

Although Rogue Photo is committed to keeping this photo gallery open for your use, a donation per photo or a donation for a bulk of photos would be the right thing to do. Rogue Photo has put in the work to help you, so please consider helping us in anyway you can.

Thank you

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